Review of Ipage Web Hosting

Conceived in 1998 Ipage has been operating for a quite a long time, building up a considerably extensive customer base during its 16 years of business; operating in more than a hundred countries and boasting of more than a million domains and websites under its belt, Ipage hosting exemplifies what truly great hosting firms are, quality hosting services for only a tiny fraction of the cost.

As a leader in the web hosting business, Ipage web hosting endeavors to meet all basic standards in the industry, which in this case refers to attractive unlimited features such as bandwidth and email accounts. Though Ipage web hosting services are designed to encourage users to make reasonable use of the resources at hand, with ipage always ready to initiate CPU throttling techniques where necessary to reduce the excess resource usage of any given host account.

Along with additional offers such as antivirus and malware programs, filters, and email forwarding attributes, the average ipage promo is likely to make mention of this product’s impressive offering of web design and development tools.

Considering how difficult it can be to create a website from scratch, especially for individuals new to the entire concept, Ipage makes available a collection free tools and mechanisms designed to aid the most inexperienced user in designing and developing the most advanced websites available with the least amount of effort, the site builders complimented by free domain name registration.

Also making available content management mechanisms through systems like Mambo and Joomla, Ipage site builders are considerably advanced, allowing for the complex manipulation of elements such as forums and galleries in an effort to fully optimize the design of a website, this further strengthened by ipage hosting and its support for various scripting languages such as PHP, Perl, even allowing professionals to utilize more complex utilities such as Front Page extensions.

Shopping cart programs such as OS commerce and shopsite as well as paypal integration systems can only strengthen the efficacy of online shopping websites, the availability of multimedia support mechanisms also acting to advance web design concepts into more complex territory.

One cannot escape from the rather impressive ipage pricing scheme, the four dollars monthly charge gaining added weight in the presence of Ipage discount offers and ipage coupon codes, these standing alongside ipage’s generous offering advertisement credit, geared towards the different social media platforms through which one might take a step forward in creating awareness for their web content. You may check out Godaddy $1 hosting deal here –

And none of these include the security elements, the different filters and scanning mechanisms provided for free along with carbonite file backups and free certification display.

Any review of ipage web hosting cannot fail to make mention of its increasingly impressive money back guarantee scheme; as revealed in many an ipage promo, not only is the consumer provided a 30 day money back guarantee – in other words receiving a full refund if they choose to withdraw from a contract with ipage within 30 days – but Ipage also has partial refund policies in which customers are free to quite ipage at any point in time before or even after the 30 days, and they can expect to receive a partial refund of money invested; most definitely difficult to believe yet true. Not many web hosts offer this money back guarantee, another one that provides this feature is Bluehost hosting, Read about them at

Not many people realize how much power is required to run a web host, taking into account all the servers and cooling systems involved; even less people are aware that ipage powers its operations via Renewable Energy Certificates, primarily relying on wind power to meet its electrical needs, the sort of bonus that, along with comprehensive and easily accessible technical support systems, one cannot help but appreciate.

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