A look at Fatcow Hosting

In this day and age achieving success is a near impossibility without the integration of information technology systems into one’s business structure; no company can truly expect to achieve its goals outside the confines of a business website.

And websites cannot achieve their potential outside web hosting, the concept referring to the placement of one’s web content onto an internet connected server from where it can be accessed online.

This rationale makes hosting one of the most important, if not the most important element of any given business structure. Choosing the right hosting company is a key component of any marketing decision and fatcow has been providing hosting services to a menagerie of client since 1998.

Fat cow understands that clients are interested in simplicity and makes an effort to provide easy to utilize hosting features, backed by a cast of professional and dedicated staff determined to provide quality service at a favorable price. Get the best bluehost coupon with 63% off at this page.

Despite initial trepidations on the part of many a critic, fatcow hosting chose to break the norm, making available the entirely of its hosting products and services within the confines of a single package, designed to contend with the needs of any given business at competitive fatcow pricing, further complemented by the occasional but lucrative fatcow promo. The only web hosting promo that comes close is the Bluehost $2.95 coupon, available here – www.intairnet.org/hosting-coupons/bluehost/

Of course those that find even this single favorably priced package much too difficult to contend with can take advantage of the minimoo package, the most basic plan under fat cow, basically endowing a user with a free domain name, email account and ‘under construction’ web page, enough to get certain projects or firms by until they can invest in the full fat cow package.

Fat cow web hosting’s thousands of servers sit within the 24,000 square feet upon which the firm’s two data centers stand in Boston. With an optimized network system, vast storage space and efficient security systems, fat cow guarantees reliable service, augmented by features such as the fatcow discount and fatcow coupon, as well as the following:

  • Fatcow hosting is home to some pretty impressive site building tools, simple to utilize, enabling the creation of some pretty complex websites via the pushing of a few buttons and following of a few commands.

  • Application install wizards provided are designed to not only expedite but considerably simplify the process of installing all manner of applications such as forums and photo galleries.

  • Tools like shopping carts, coupons and catalogs are made available to aid in the construction of ecommerce websites, even aiding in the integration of credit card payment systems.

  • Fat cow enables the customization of email addresses and accounts, crucial in the creation of individual and company brands.

  • Fatcow hosting has some pretty friendly support staff, trained to provide knowledgeable and competent assistance to clients, making available effective solutions in a timely manner. Siteground is another web host that has the best reputation for great customer support. Read about them here – www.intairnet.org/hosting-coupons/siteground/

  • The company so strongly believes in its Eco friendly message, which is the reason it depends on wind energy to power the entirety of its operations. The firm obviously doesn’t produce wind power but instead depends on renewable energy certificates to meet its energy needs.

  • The company will also provide green badges to clients, allowing them to announce and display their own green initiatives, with fatcow staff playing an equally crucial role in spreading the green message.